Marie JACQUOT was born in PARIS. She began playing tennis and the piano when she was five. She spent her childhood on the road, going from tournament to the other as a rising star in women tennis. When she was ten years old, she started learning the trombone and managed to practice both activities while studying at school. She played in many orchestras and began to feel the importance of being part of the music creation.

In 2005 she decided to go to the Conservatoire National Régional of PARIS to dedicate herself completely to music. She studied the trombone with David MAQUET and Frédérique POTIER and had an intensive and complete musical education with such lessons as : music theory, analyse, orchestration, composition, chamber music, choir conducting,… At 14, Marie began conducting classes with Roberto GATTO, current teacher at the BORDEAUX conservatory. She got her literature diploma in 2008 and, a year later, her trombone degree.

After her studies, she decided to move to VIENNA to prepare a master in conducting. She was admitted to Uros LAJOVIC’s class. She perfected her musical skills with many great professors such as Simeon PIRONKOFF for contemporaty music, Konrad LEITNER for vocal coaching and Erwin ORTNER for choir conducting. She participated in many masterclasses with Simon RATTLE, Ralf WEIKERT, Zubin MEHTA and Simone YOUNG and studied with Bertrand DE BILLY and Fabio LUISI. Meanwhile, she :

- conducted, as guest the SOFIA Philharmonic and the GDANSK Philharmonic Orchestra

- assisted an opera production in MAURITIUS with the REUNION Orchestra

- assisted a Stockhausen United States premiere at the Lincoln Center with the Musikfabrik Ensemble and the Festival Wien Modern for a sitcom opera from Bernhard GANDER and the PHACE Ensemble for contemporaty music VIENNA

In June 2014, she conducted the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra for her master diploma at the Musikverein Golden Hall and came back one month later to conduct the Prague Classical Orchestra.

Her debut at the Musikverein brought her to the Vienna Konzerthaus in November 2014 with the Vienna Chamber Orchestra. At the age of 24, Marie began to find her place in the international music world. She conducted musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra for the Ö1 composition prize organized by the Austria National Bank and assisted the famous Klangforum new music ensemble. She studied in Budapest with Peter EÖTVÖS, got a conducting fellowship in memory of Albert TIPTON at the very well known ASPEN Festival and school, and learned from such conductors as Robert SPANO, Lary RADCHLEFF, Christian ARMING, Frederico CORTESE, etc…

From 2014 to 2016, Marie has been teaching at the wind orchestra at the University of Music in VIENNA. She is currently in WEIMAR for a postgraduate diploma in the class of Nicolas PASQUET to complement her skills and received the CHARLOTTE KRUPP Scholarship for her outstanding results.

Marie JACQUOT recently assisted Maestro Kirill PETRENKO at the Bavarian State Opera. She is since April 2016 conducting fellow of the DIRIGENTENFORUM Deutscher Musikrat und will beginn in October as 1st KAPELLMEISTERIN at the Mainfranken Theater WÜRZBURG.

Marie will be conducting "TONGUECAT", a world premier chamber Opera, for the Bayerische Festspiele 2016.